Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uniform Distributor?

Uniform Distributor is an online tool intended to help companies simplify the process of finding a uniform supplier that they can completely depend on for quality products and services. Uniform Distributor helps companies avoid hiring an unreliable provider. Uniform Distributor also saves them time and money by recommending top-rated companies in their area. Uniform Distributor has a network of suppliers that specialize in uniforms for businesses across every industry.

Where are Uniform Distributor's partners located?

Uniform Distributor has partnerships with top-rated uniform suppliers in major markets in the U.S. and Canada. If your business is outside of these major areas, we will work to find options available for you.

How does Uniform Distributor work?

Uniform Distributor works to give you recommendations that fit your specific needs. That is why we ask for your location and the service that you need. Once you submit our online form or call us, our experts will look into our network to find companies in your location that best suit your requirements. These providers will then contact you so you can discuss products and pricing.

How many companies will contact me?

Uniform Distributor will narrow your search down to 3 companies in your area that will best suit your needs. However, we usually only share your company’s information with the top 1 or top 2 options.

How much would it cost me to use Uniform Distributor’s services?

Uniform Distributors’s services are absolutely free of charge for any business looking for a uniform supplier. The members of our exclusive Linen Finder network incur a small fee to allow us to provide our service at no cost to the buyers or renters.

Do I have an obligation to hire the services of Uniform Distributor’s network of companies?

Absolutely not! Our service has no strings attached and is only designed to help simplify the process of searching for a uniform supplier. Whether or not you employ our partner companies’ services is entirely up to you – although we are confident that you will like what our partner companies have to offer.

How do you select the companies that qualify for membership in your premier uniform supplier network? This is what we look for in suppliers:

  • Been in Business for at Least 3 Years

  • Business Licenses

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Lookup

  • Bankruptcy Search

  • Outstanding Judgments and Liens

  • Insurance Coverage

Uniform Distributor uses a rigorous background screening process for each company that joins our network. We also update our records to deliver information as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the information does not change or expire over time. Please make sure to verify information with the company you are interested in working with before hiring them.

How do you know that your member companies continue to deliver quality service?

Uniform Distributor is ready to assist you should you need any help or support with the company that we referred to you.